Personal Information

Full name Kujansuu, Pekka Einari
Date of birth 16th of May 1986 Mobile phone +358 50 3741086
Website E-mail


2011-, Polygon Toys, Tampere

Sole proprietor of independent game development studio. Core duties include game design and programming, as well as organizational duties.

Developed and self-published game Tiny Hawk on PlayStation Network, iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

Also done various game-related subcontracting. Clients include Travel 2 and Carrotia.

Company website:

Summer 2009, Pointsit Oy, Tampere

Developed web-based customer relations management software using Python and TurboGears.

Summer 2008, Nokia Oy, Services & Software division

Developed a Media Transfer Protocol implementation prototype for the Maemo mobile OS in C++ using the user space USB library libusb.

Fall 2007, Walking Woods Oy, Helsinki

Developed web crawler software in Python and MySQL, and gathered data for a travel portal website.

Summer 2007, Nokia Technology Platforms, Hervanta

Developed a wireless network testing application in Symbian C++ for Series 60 mobile phones.

2006-2007, Digital Systems Laboratory, Tampere University of Technology

Developed a networked multimedia application using Gstreamer in C as a research assistant.

Summer 2004, Nokia Research Center Tokyo

Developed a Symbian C++ based user interface for internal functionality on a Symbian Series 80 mobile phone.

2003-2004, Päivölä folk college

Developed various audio and MIDI related software projects using C++ and Python in Linux and Windows environments. Also participated in user interface design.

2002-2004, Nokia Research Center Toijala

Developed various audio and MIDI related software projects using C++ and Python in Linux and Windows environments. Also participated in user interface design.

2000-2002, Mikrolinna Oy

Developed features for Visual Basic based educational software. Created educational Flash animations.


2005-, Tampere University of Technology

Software systems major. Studies on hold. 118 credit points.

2002-2004, Päivölä folk college and Valkeakoski adult high school

High school. Laudatur grades in Mathematics and English. Eximia grade in Physics.

Programming skills

Over 10 years of programming experience with various languages and technologies. Originally taught myself programming by reading books at the age of 12. I have been working professionally in the software business from the year 2000.

Skilled in C, C++, C#, ActionScript 3 and Python. Familiar with object-oriented programming, common algorithms and data structures, and version control systems.

Some experience in Lua, Common Lisp and Haxe, and always eager to learn new things.

Game development

I have used various game development technologies, including Unity, Marmalade SDK, and FlashPunk. I have released games on Flash, iOS, Android and PSP platforms.

I currently run a one-man game development studio Polygon Toys, and I'm a regular participant in game jams and competitions such as the online Ludum Dare 48h game competition and jam, which I also help organize.

Game development portfolio online at .

Language skills


Mother tongue.



Swedish, German





1st place - Hello World Open 2012, organized by Reaktor Oy

First ever Finnish national championship in programming. Competed as part of a 3-man team against over 100 other teams. The competition task was to create an AI bot for the classic Pong game. The winner was chosen by the bots competing in a tournament.